According to the American Society of Training and Development, American companies spend approximately $20 billion annually on sales training. Yet a recent study by Sales Performance International shows the percentage of sales reps that consistently attain quota is decreasing from year to year. While the economy certainly plays a role in our ability to sell, the simple truth is that many sales training models just don’t work.

Industry metrics tell us that 50% of the content learned during sales training is not retained past the five-week mark. Much of what companies are paying top dollar for just isn’t sticking. Within 90 days, 84% of what was initially taught is simply – gone. So is all that money your company invested in sales training.

Standard sales training focuses strictly on external skills development. They provide better objection-handling skills, better closing skills, additional product knowledge, or better cold calling scripts, but none of it really makes any difference because they don’t venture below the surface. This is why, even though many companies are engaging in sales training, the results don’t change.

Selling is about more than just a set of repetitious behaviors like phone prospecting and objection handling. Successfully closing a deal is strongly affected by the underlying skills, state of mind, values, self-image and attitudes of the person conducting the sales process.

Understanding your sales professionals and what motivates them to engage in the process of selling is a complicated endeavor. Imagine an iceberg. Above the water line you can see all the behaviors that lead to a sale; prospecting, cold calling, follow through and documenting. In fact, all of the activities that make up the sales reps process toward quota attainment are above the water line. Surface behavior like closing skills and product knowledge are only part of the capabilities that determine success in sales.

The Iceberg Model goes below the surface of a sales professionals activity to evaluate and hone the internal motivations that drive behavior. Standard sales training models focus on the most visible, conscious elements like surface skills and activity levels. That’s why traditional sales training simply doesn’t stick.

When you tackle the underlying reasons for behavior: state of mind, convictions, values, mission and self-esteem, the external manifestations of these strongly held belief systems will improve, leading to more effective activities – and an increase in closed deals.

Everything that is not visible makes all the difference in selling. Making small incremental changes underneath the surface can have big, positive outcomes above the water line.

The Iceberg Sales Model is laser-focused on two primary goals:

  1. The individuals that make up your sales team. What are their beliefs about sales, their clients, and the market? How do they feel about the company and the products they’re selling? What motivates them to succeed?
  2. How to uncover the client’s motivation? What is their decision-making process? What is their buying criteria? Further, what internal or external factors are affecting interactions with your sales rep?

If you cannot currently answer these questions, then the Iceberg Sales Model is exactly the training you should consider. If your organization struggles to meet sales performance metrics, the Iceberg Sales Model is exactly the change that will drive performance across the sales continuum.

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Human beings are complicated and when it comes to buying a product or service, particularly in a B2B sale, there are underlying economic, political and social factors that affect the sales process. The Iceberg Sales Model not only delves beneath the surface of a sales executives external behaviour, it teaches how to ask the best qualifying client questions to find out their state of mind, their decision criteria, values, and personal self-image that will affect the sales process.

What is the most common element missing from a typical sales process? Engaging conversation that creates the bond and rapport needed to close a deal. The Iceberg Sales Model teaches sales teams how to create buy-in with an audience – your potential customer – and how to fully engage them in your own success.

The model was designed to create goodwill and connections that will last for a long time between your company and a potential prospect. The model engages both the sales person and their prospect in an enjoyable, natural experience that will foster greater sales for your organization.

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Our Unique Approach Brings Results.

Our CEO Alen Mayer is a true pioneer in the sales industry. He was the first one to write a book on Trigger Events in 2007 (Amazon), and since then there were dozens of other authors who helped shape the new sub-genre of sales training.

Trigger Events are great tool set to help you find new opportunities on the market for your product or service. With trigger events it will be easier for you to find companies that have immediate wants and needs. You are looking for events that can trigger the sales opportunity for you.

Learning about the trigger events, what they are, where to find and how to use them, your benefit is that with this newly acquired knowledge you will be able to qualify prospects faster and find your next customer much easier than before.

“All needs are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.” – Alen Mayer

People like people who are like them. More importantly, people buy from people they like and trust and that is why we will create more likeable and trustworthy you! We will show you the secrets of connecting with your clients instantly (even over the phone!) and establishing rapport with ease. You will learn:

  • Why people resist and how clients really buy
  • How to influence with integrity (persuasion vs. manipulation)
  • How to establish rapport with any prospect, at any moment in time
  • How to use verbal and non-verbal techniques of creating rapport to persuade
  • Matching, mirroring, responsiveness and rapport the easy way
  • How to build deep level of rapport with others quickly and easily (even over the phone!)

What makes the difference in selling today is the quality of your sales approach. Once you are in rapport with your clients, it is time to start using Pull, Don’t Push™ selling method that focuses on how to get your prospects attention and begin the dialogue.

You will learn how to:

  • Discover why Pull, Don’t Push™ is the most important skill you need to master to establish more credibility early in the sale
  • Uncover more needs, wants and desires by properly using Pull, Don’t Push™ principle
  • Ask powerful questions until you have the information you need
  • Frame questions in EEE™ Representational System
  • Minimize mismatching in communication by asking right questions at the right time

Can your words make customers feel good about the product or service you are selling? Can you words move your clients to act now?

People buy emotionally and then justify logically. Since we communicate at both conscious and unconscious levels, we will show you how to involve customers emotionally to build desire, and then how to give them logical reasons they will use to defend the purchase.

When you want your clients to take action, sometimes you need to guide them into doing or thinking what you want them to. We will show you how to explain your clients that buying from you will give them what they want.

The biggest fear for most salespeople is the fear of objections from the customer. Are they obstacles or opportunities for you? If you are like most sales professionals you are always looking for new and better ways to handle customer objections and close the sale.

Imagine you could turn objections into approval; become confident and competent when handling objections, and learn to use them to your own advantage. How would that benefit your bottom line?

We will show you how to handle statements like, “We need to think it over…” or, “We need to speak with…” Also you will learn how to bypass resistance and handle objections before they come up; you will discover how agreeing with a buyer’s objection works in your favour.

We will show you powerful ways to turn objections into acceptance and you’ll learn how to reduce the number of objections you encounter, turn objections into approval and improve your closing ratio.

How do you spot the introverts who have become very good at hiding their introversion? And how do you empower them to work alongside their extroverted colleagues without imploding?

As a manager, you want to get the most out of your team: performance, happiness, motivation and team spirit. How do you create a team that plays to both your extroverts’ and introverts’ needs?

And if you’re an introverted manager, how do you handle the constant barrage of interruptions and requests for direction? We will help you create success strategies for creating an introverted/extroverted team and maintaining your introverted sanity.

How We Have Helped Our Clients:

  • 98 Winning New Clients
  • 97 Increase Sales Revenue
  • 88 Decrease Number of Objections
  • 94 Shorten the Sales Cycle
  • 91 Improve Sales Pipeline Management
  • 81 Improve Win/Loss Ratio

(based on our post-training survey)

Learn more about how our highly effective and fully customized sales training can help improve your sales process. Call us at 647-427-1588 or  click here ->

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