Selling for Introverts

When you think of salespeople, the “used car salesman” persona is likely the first thing that crosses your mind. The over-eager, boisterous, and aggressive pitchman who salivates at the sight of a new prospect and blatantly stalks potential customers through a showroom and around a sales area, this is the image we have attached to the word “salesman” in our mental dictionaries.

At one time, it might have seen an oxymoron to use the term “introverted salesperson,” but times have changed. More than ever before, employers are seeing that need for introvert sales people is on the rise. The days of the back-slapping, fast-talking salesperson are gone.

Sales introverts are not flawed. They don’t need to be cured because nothing is wrong with them. Introversion is a collection of traits that we are born with. Their brain works in another way. It is about what goes on internally, not what is observed externally.

This training will show you how to become an Introvert Sales Expert, how to cold call (there are few modules about cold calling for introverts) and be more successful in selling.