Sell More by Using Buying Patterns

  • Do you know your customers’ motivation direction? Are they motivated towards goals and desires, or away from problems and difficulties?
  • Do you know which words and expressions to look for during the conversation with your prospect?
  • Do you know your customers’ motivation levels? Do they take the initiative and leap into action, or do they prefer to analyze every detail of your presentation?
  • Do you know how your customers make decisions when looking for a product or service?

Your prospects are unaware of buying patterns in most communications; yet, when used properly, those patterns can change the mind and behaviour of your prospect. Buying patterns are easy to understand, recognize and use – and too useful to leave out of a sales-oriented training.

At the end of this in-house training your team will learn:

  • How to recognize 5 different sets of  buying patterns your customers use
  • What not to say to turn your customers off
  • How to communicate with customers in the way that it is easiest for them to understand, and influence them to buy from you
  • How to determine a customer’s level of motivation quickly and cut to the chase
  • Which words to use with external and internal frames of reference or sources of motivation
  • How to identify sameness/difference patterns and which words to use to influence each group of customers
  • How to use patterns to sell to your customers in the way they want to be sold to

This training covers five of the most useful buying patterns for business. It includes tips on how to identify them, which questions to use for each pattern, and practical advice on how to influence your customers once you recognize the pattern they use.

Understand how customers function in any given context, and sell to them in the way they want to be sold to. In selling, knowledge is power.