How to Handle Objections

As you know, the biggest fear for most salespeople is the fear of objections from the customer. But the real question is, are they obstacles or opportunities?

What worked yesterday may not work today in the same way. Failure to adapt may result in being left behind. If you are like most sales professionals you are always looking for new and better ways to handle customer objections and close the sale. Imagine your team could turn objections into approval; become more confident and competent when handling objections, and learn to use them to your own advantage. How would that benefit your bottom line? Improving objection-handling skills will give your team a power of language and the absolute power to wipe objections out of their customer’s mind. Your sales people will be less stressed out and more successful and you can’t put the price-tag on that!

Your team will learn:

  • How to make objections disappear using Reframing technique
  • How agreeing with customer’s objection works in your favour (Agreement Frame Technique)
  • How to handle objections before they come up and avoid frustrating your customer
  • How to use the Redefine Pattern to move the conversation from the objection to benefits
  • How to turn objections into approval
  • How to make your customer’s feel you are on their side

…and much more!