Connect With Your Clients Instantly

People like people who are like them. More importantly, people buy from people whom they like and trust; in our sales training, we will create a more likable and trustworthy sales team!

Rapport is the most important process in any interaction. Without rapport, two people won’t trust each other or even hear each other correctly. To really connect with your prospective clients, you need to develop your rapport skills.

If you don’t have rapport, you won’t get your outcome. In any conversation, neither of you will get anywhere until you have established rapport.

Clients want sales people who are interested, who will listen and learn about their wants and needs, elicit their criteria and help them find the best solution.

We will show you the secrets of connecting with your clients instantly and how to build deep rapport quickly and easily (even over the phone).

Your team will learn:

  • Why people resist and how clients really buy
  • How to influence with integrity (persuasion vs. manipulation)
  • How to establish instant rapport with any prospective client, at any moment in time
  • How to know when you have rapport
  • How to use verbal and non-verbal techniques of creating rapport to persuade
  • Matching, mirroring, responsiveness and rapport the easy way
  • How to practice and sharpen your rapport skills
  • How to build great relations with clients
  • How to explore your clients’ wants and needs through rapport-building and language skills

Once your team can masterfully create rapport with people they meet, they will be able to find more clients, develop a strong network of customers and effortlessly grow your business!