Advanced Phone Sales Skills

By now you and your team realized that the art of great phone sales skills can be learned, just like mastering a musical instrument. We can’t control what other say to us over the phone, but we can control what we do with that.

There are no resistant people, only inflexible communicators – we will teach your team how to use behavioural flexibility to be in sync with their prospect to sell more over the phone (or book more appointments, if that is your team’s objective).

 At the end of this in-house training your team will be able to:

  • Stop suffering from phonephobia and start turning “gate-keepers” into “gate-openers”
  • Establish real rapport and trust from the first contact (yes, even over the phone!)
  • Use EEE™ representational system to speak the same language with their prospect
  • Understand Performance Adjustability™ and how to use it to be in sync with their prospect
  • Discover their prospect’s buying strategy in minutes
  • Understand Reflective Listening to sell more effectively over the phone
  • Embed commands to convince prospects to talk with them
  • Turn phone resistance into an opportunity

…and much more!

We will combine the latest phone sales skills training proven to enhance performance with the magic of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) to help your team personalize the phone interaction, create rapport fast and sell more.

Based on the materials your team will learn, we will help them create the winning phone sales script!